Salad with bacon and egg

Ingredients: Mixed Salad 1 tomato 1/2 cucumber 1/2 red onion some slices of bacon 1 hard boiled egg radish scions 1tbsp vinegar 2tbsp olive oil 1tsp mustard First roast the bacon until it´s crunchy. Let it cool down.  Hard-boil the egg for 10 minutes. Meanwhile wash the salad and all the veggies. Pluck the salad leaves and put them on a plate. Now chop the tomato, cucumber and onion and put them on the plucked salad. Stir the vinegar with the olive oil and mustard and pour the vinegrette over the salad. Now sprinkle the bacon over the salad and arrange the egg. Finally sprinkle the radish scions over the top. This is the first time I tried radish scions, they have a slightly spicy taste and they are very healthy because they are cleansing the blood. I loved them. Give it a try!

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