Karolinas Workout #43

DSCF1698 Hi guys, we’re so happy to be home again. Our vacation in the Dominican Republic was just the best I ever had. But it’s always great to come home again. I just love my home. This weekend I will prepare a post about our vacation and I will post it next week, so that I can share it with you. Today I share one of my beach workouts I did in the Dominican Republic. I did this workout once more when we came home, so that I could stop my time (I forgot to take my interval timer for vacation) and I also made a video about that. I hope you will enjoy the videos! Great to be here again!
Today we will do 500 Mountain Climbers for time! I know it looks so easy, but trust me; it feels like hell. Try to be as fast as possible, but please always remember to keep proper form. Otherwise you won’t get the results you want to.
My time for this workout was 8:36. Try to beat me! DSC_3357 Best, Karolina

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