Filet of salmon, basmati rice and green beans

Ingredients: Salmon filet (as much as you need, I took 3 filets) Basmati rice (again as much as you need, I think I took about 350g) about 3 hands full green beans 3 bay leaves 4-5 garlic gloves 1tsp butter salt First preheat your oven for 200°C. Wash the salmon filets and put them in an oven dish. Pour cold water into the dish so that the bottom is covered with 0,5 cm of water. Now add the bay leaves into the water and put the dish into the middle of the oven. My filets were frozen, so I left them in the oven for 30 minutes. I would say set your timer for 15-20 minutes, if you use fresh salmon. So while the salmon is in the oven, we have time to prepare the rice and the beans. Let's do the rice first. Put the rice in a pot and wash it in cold water, until the water is clear. Then add cold water until the rice is covered with 1,5 cm of water. Add 1/2 tsp salt, close the lid and boil it up. Then immediately change to the lowest heat, stir shortly and close the lid again. Now you have to wait until the rice is done (it's done when there's no water left in the pot). Chop all of the garlic gloves. Now take a nonstick frying pan, add 1tsp butter and preheat it. Add the chopped garlic and saute until it gets slightly brown. Now add the green beans and saute them for a few minutes, so that they remain crisp. Flavour with salt and just a bit of freshly ground pepper. That's it. Looks great, tastes delicious and you get everything you need from this dish! Best, Karolina

Couscous with vegetables

Ingredients: 250g couscous 1/4l boiled water 1tsp salt 1tsp butter 1 red onion 2-3 tomatoes 1/2 cucumber 1bunch of parsley First boil the water, remove from heat and salt it. Add the couscous and the butter, stir and let it swell for about 5 minutes. Meanwhile wash the vegetables. Chop the onion and the parsley finely. Cut the tomatoes and the cucumber in cubes of the size of a hazelnut (but that´s up to you) and put all the veggies and herbs into a big bowl and mix all together with the couscous. That´s it! Enjoy! Best, Karolina

Pasta with vegetables tomato sauce


Colored Pasta (as much as you need)
1tbsp olive oil
1tsp butter
1 onion
2 garlic gloves
1 aubergine
1 zucchini
some fresh tomatoes or 1 can of tomatoes in can
oregano and basil

Preheat the olive oil and the butter in a pan and then saute the finely chopped onion and garlic until glassy. Meanwhile wash and chop the aubergine, the zuccini and the tomatoes (if you use fresh ones). Add the vegetables and stir for a few minutes. Then flavour the sauce with spices and herbs as much as you like it, I think I put about 1tbsp sugar and oregano and basil each with 1tsp. Cover the lid and let the sauce cook for some time on a low heat. If you don´t have much time, you can eat it directly, but if you have some time, let it cook for about 10-15 minutes. Cook your pasta and serve the sauce together with the pasta. I took these vegetables this time, but you can cook this sauce with almost any vegetable: carrots, paprika, leek... just take whatever you have at home. With the salt and sugar you just have to try how much you personally like. But when you cook any tomato sauce, you always have to add sugar (even when you add just a bit), because of the sourness of the tomatoes. This is really easy to prepare and it doesn´t need much time. Enjoy!


Chili con carne

Hi guys, as I promised, I will share recipes with you which are very fast and easy to prepare. I will mark them with this red clock above. So today I share my chili con carne recipe which is very easy to prepare, but delicious and you get everything you need from this dish! Ingredients: 450g ground meat oil 1 can of kidney beans 1 can of sweetcorn 1 package of mashed tomatoes about 1tbsp sugar 1tsp sweet paprika salt pepper chili flakes (as much as you like) So first put about 1 tablespoon oil into a pot and fry the ground meat until it gets slightly brown. Add the beans and the sweetcorn and stir for 1 minute. Now add the mashed tomatoes and flavour the chili con carne with sugar, sweet paprika, salt, pepper and chili flakes. Cover the pan with the lid and leave it on low heat for about 20 minutes. That´s it! We like to eat the chili con carne with fresh baguette. Enjoy it! Best, Karolina


Hi guys, today I have a delicious recipe from my homeland for you. There are a lot of different variations of this recipe, especially depending on the country and area.  I show you the variation we make where I come from and which my mom teached me. Ingredients: about 450g of pork meat oil 5-6 onions 6 carrots about 450g rice boiled water salt First prepare all of your ingredients, so that you don´t get stressed later. First cut the meat into pieces, but not to small. Then half the onions and cut them all into stripes. Now peel the carrots, wash them and also cut them into slim stripes. Prepare the rice by washing it thoroughly in cold water, until water is clear. Also prepare enough boiled water, a full kettle should be enough. Now we can start. Put enough oil into a medium sized pan and preheat it.  Brown the meat, salt it and then remove it from the pan. Now saute the onions until they get slightly brown and also remove them from the pan. Maybe you have to add a bit oil again. Do the same with the carrots. After removing the carrots from the pan, you have to act very fast. Put the meat into the pan again, layer the onions onto the meat and the carrots onto the onions. Now put the rice on the top of all and fill the pan with the boiled water, until the water is about 1cm over the rice.  Flavour the water on the surface with salt, but be careful, that you don´t mix all the ingredients. Boil it up on the highest level and then change to the lowest heat and close the lid. Let the "Plov" now cook on the lowest heat for about 45 minutes. Don´t forget to set your timer. When the time is over, turn the heat off and mix all together in the pan. Done! There are many things which are typical to eat together with Plov, for example russian pickled tomatoes, pickled chillies or a hot sauce with tomatoes. This time we ate Plov with the hot sauce. Here is the recipe: Put 3 cans of tomatoes in cans into a bowl. Take as much garlic as you like and press it, I think I took about 4 garlic gloves. Now add salt and about 1 tbsp of Sambal oilek (chillie paste). Chop a whole bunch of fresh coreander and add it. If you don´t like coreander you can do it without, but coreander tastes great and is very healthy. That´s it, now enjoy your plov and think about me everytime you eat it 🙂

Salad with bacon and egg

Ingredients: Mixed Salad 1 tomato 1/2 cucumber 1/2 red onion some slices of bacon 1 hard boiled egg radish scions 1tbsp vinegar 2tbsp olive oil 1tsp mustard First roast the bacon until it´s crunchy. Let it cool down.  Hard-boil the egg for 10 minutes. Meanwhile wash the salad and all the veggies. Pluck the salad leaves and put them on a plate. Now chop the tomato, cucumber and onion and put them on the plucked salad. Stir the vinegar with the olive oil and mustard and pour the vinegrette over the salad. Now sprinkle the bacon over the salad and arrange the egg. Finally sprinkle the radish scions over the top. This is the first time I tried radish scions, they have a slightly spicy taste and they are very healthy because they are cleansing the blood. I loved them. Give it a try!

Ground meat leek soup

Ingredients: About 450g ground meat 2 leeks 4-5 carrots 4-5 potatoes 1,2l vegetable broth 150ml cream 2tbsp processed cheese First chop all the veggies in small pieces (the potatoes in small cubes). Put about 1 tablespoon olive oil in a pot. Fry the ground meat, until it gets slightly brown. Add all the veggies and stir for another few minutes. Now add the vegetable broth and cook the soup, until the veggies get soft. Finally add the cream and flavour the soup with salt,pepper and the processed cheese. This soup is very easy to prepare!

My favorite Pancakes…

Ingredients: 3 eggs 100ml milk 200g yogurt 2tb sugar 1pinch salt 1packet baking powder 150g flour First whip the eggs until they get creamy. Add milk, yogurt, sugar and salt and finally sift the baking powder and the flour into the mixture. Preheat a pan and put just a little bit of olive oil in it. Take a dipper now and make pancakes on the size of the palm of your hand. Bake them on a medium heat until you see bubbles on the surface, then turn the pancakes and bake until they get golden brown. I love to eat them with maple syrup!