Homemade tomato sauce

Hi guys, when we have less time, we love to cook instant noodles or ready spaghetti. I have a recipe for you how I cook my tomato sauce in short time and it tastes amazing. The recipe is with garlic, but you can just skip the garlic, if you don't like it or if you have a date 😉 Ingredients: 1tbsp olive oil 1tbsp butter 1 onion 3 garlic gloves 2 cans of tomatoes in can or about 6-7 fresh tomatoes about 1tbsp sugar salt basil and marjoran Pasta Preheat the olive oil and the butter and than saute the chopped onion and garlic until glassy. Add the chopped tomatoes, flavour with salt and sugar, close the lid and cook the sauce on the lowest heat. It depends on how much time you have, how long you cook the tomato sauce. If you don't have that much time you can cook it until your pasta is also ready. If you have more time, you can leave it cooking for about 30 minutes. When time is over, flavour the sauce with the herbs according to your personal taste. Mostly when I cook this recipe I add some poached or some soft boiled eggs, so that we get our protein too. Enjoy the dish and try to avoid ready meal as often as possible. Best, Karolina  

Karolinas Workout #12

Hi guys, so I hope you are fine and you enjoyed the holidays. A lot of people undertake to exercise more in the new year. They want to live healthy, make sports... and how long does this intention last? I think mostly just a few months, if at all. I think that we don't have to wait for a new year starting to change something in our lives. But if you really decided to change something and you want to keep up with it, that's great. It's never too late to change something, better late than never. We can go through this together; we can and will motivate each other every single day. I will go on to create workouts for you and post delicious and healthy recipes for you and you just try to keep on and don't give up. And if you need some support, I'm always here 🙂 So today’s workout is made up of 2 parts. In the first part we will do as many sets as possible during 4 minutes countdown. 1 set is 3 kickups & 1 breakdance push up. It's so hard, but just try your best to manage the 4 minutes without any break. I managed to do 28sets, try to beat me! For the second part set your timer for 12 rounds and two intervals: 10seconds and 35seconds. All together we have a 13 minutes workout. The exercises for the second part and my reps: 1. Bicep curls 11, 8, 9 2. Super girl plank 10, 12, 12 3. 90 degree sandbag touch 17, 26, 16 4. Jump lunge and swing 6, 6, 7 Enjoy the workout! Yours, Karolina  

How to practise the one leg squat

Hi guys, in the following video I explain how to practise the one leg squat. So don't get discouraged if you are not able to do this exercise yet. If you will work on it on a regular basis I promise you will be able to do the one leg squat soon. This exercise is just perfect to sculpt your legs and butt, so make sure you will try it. If you are already advanced and the one leg squat is to easy for you, you can do it with some weight in your hand (dumbbell, sandbag...), this way it will get challenging for you again! Best, Karolina

Karolinas Workout #11 500reps

Hi guys, todays workout is a time challenge. We have 500 reps to manage. There are 10 exercises, so we have to do 50reps of each. Don't get confused by the order of exercises I did in my video. I just had to change the order for myself and do the single leg raise at the end, because my pull up bar is hanging in the dining room and we couldn't run with the camera back and forth 🙂 The exercises: 1. Get up with bottles 50reps 2. One leg squat alternating legs 50reps 3. Core twist push up 50reps 4. Kick over 25reps each leg 5. Sumo squats knee up with sandbag 50reps 6. Santana Plank 50reps 7. One leg dead lift 25reps each leg 8. Single leg raise 50reps alternating legs 9. Back extensor 50reps 10. Knee Hugs 50reps My time for the workout was 43:28. Try to beat me! Best, Karolina


Hi guys, I wish you all a merry Christmas! Hope you enjoy these days with your family and your loved ones. I also enjoy the next days and start working out again at the end of the week. Today I have my Christmas present for you. I have thought a long time if I should share this video with you, because it's just soooo embarrassing 🙂 . But I have to share it with you, because I think it will make you laugh like crazy! Last summer my best friend Hans decided to scare me. I was so shocked; you can see the fear of death in my eyes 🙂 . Hope you will enjoy the video. See you with the next workout! Best, Karolina

Red lentils with tomatoes and cress

Hi guys, today I have a delicious recipe for you again. It looks little bit strange, but tastes amazing! And it's a super protein supplier because of the lentils. And cress is also super healthy, so it's just a perfect meal 🙂 Ingredients: 300g red lentils 600ml vegetable broth juice of 1 lemon 3tbsp olive oil 1 onion 3 garlic gloves 4 tomatoes 1 box cress salt pepper So first boil the lentils in the broth until they are done. Usually you have to cook them about 5 minutes, but I like them more when they turn into a mash, so I cook them about 15 minutes. Meanwhile mix the lemon juice and the olive oil. Flavour with just a little bit salt (the broth is salty enough) and freshly ground pepper. Add the pressed garlic and the very finely chopped onion. Now chop the tomatoes in pieces of the size of a walnut and add them too. When the lentils are done, let them cool down just a little bit. Add the lukewarm lentils to the dressing and mix everything well with the cress. Done! Best, Karolina

Karolinas Workout #10

Hi guys, todays workout is just awesome for your upper body and it's great cardio. We will do 6 rounds of the 1. exercise and then 6 rounds of the second one and so on- that makes the workout really intense. So set your timer for 6 rounds and 10 seconds and 30 seconds. After the 6 rounds reset your timer and go on with the next exercise. The exercises and my reps: 1. Medicine ball push off 6, 7, 6, 6, 6, 6, 2. Lunge twist with sandbag 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10 3. Core splits 13, 10, 12, 10, 10, 11 4. Legs elevated reptile 16, 13, 10, 13, 12, 13 Best, Karolina

Karolinas workout #9

Hi guys, I hope you're fine. Today's workout is really cool. It's made up of two parts. The first part includes 4 exercises: 1. Hanging leg raises 10 reps 2. Elevated bridge with the balance ball 20 reps 3. Pike jump & squat jump 20 reps 4. Sit up pulses 100 reps You will go twice through the first part. Don't forget to stop your time! My time was 14:16. The second part is a 4 minute interval cardio training and it was so brutal. I didn't cut my video at this part to show you, that I also didn't give up, even when I wanted to! I was pushing really hard and you should do this too. Just give your best. We will do Jump lunges and mountain climbers. Set your timer for 12 rounds and 2 intervals: 10 seconds/ 10 seconds. Both intervals are working intervals, so that we don't have a rest interval. That made it very intense. We don't have time to write down our reps- just try to keep them in your mind. I hope you will really enjoy this workout. Best, Karolina